Come join us on Sunday, October 29th, 6-8 pm, as we celebrate All Hallows’ Eve. We will have dinner, games and a short worship service.

Popular press and even some Christian writers claim the October 31st celebration of Halloween has roots in pagan customs and is a pre-Christian festival. But the origins actually run deep in Christian tradition.

“Halloween” is a Scottish shortening of, “All Hallow’s Eve,” the night before “All Hallow’s Day,” more commonly known on the church calendar as “All Saints Day,” November 1st. The celebration of the Eve of All Saints goes back to the 8th century. There are no records, however, of the celebration of a pagan Celtic festival of Samhain, the festival some claim is the origin of Halloween, until the 10th century. Even certain customs around the day, like Halloween skeletons, are a reminder of the promise in scripture that our bones, with all the dead, shall rise again in the resurrection on the Last Day.

Join as we celebrate an early All Hallow’s Eve October 29th. Everyone is encouraged to wear your Halloween costumes or even to dress like your favorite saint!

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